Have a very safe Christmas and New Year

Holiday Safety


Right, we don’t want to ruin the mood but in light of world events and basic security safety we would like to add the following tips to assist you during the Christmas and New Year period (and the rest of the year too!)


Pick Pockets and Identity Theft

Try to shop with only the cards and cash that you need, cards are not always quick to replace especially at Christmas so leave one at home where possible.
Do not let people distract you, this can be something as simple as someone bumping into you or asking the time! Be aware that they may have an ulterior motive.
If possible keep valuables in a zipped pocket or bag and wear bags over your shoulder or on your arm to ensure the strap is secure.
Limit the use of your mobile phone, especially if it is an expensive model.


Home and Office Burglary prevention

If you are planning on going away during the holidays ask a neighbour to watch the house or inform your local neighbourhood watch organisation.
Put timers on different lights in the house to give the appearance that someone is at home, ensure that the timers are not visible to someone looking through a window.
Have newspapers cancelled and post held until you return, or arrange for a family member or friend to collect it.
Consider having regular mobile patrols of your premises completed by a private security firm.


Personal Safety

Park in well-lit and busy areas, it is tempting to try to park remotely at this time of year to avoid queues but consider where you are parking carefully.
It is tempting to try to get all your gifts in one trip, be aware of how much you are carrying though and do not overload yourself.
Be aware of your surroundings, again we do not want to scare you but taking that extra few seconds to look around will really help.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are worried about your security, shop assistants, security officers and the police will all be well represented at this time of year and will be able to help.


Vehicle break-ins

Don’t leave any valuables visible in the vehicle (Say that ten times fast so you remember!)
Keep doors locked when driving
Do not leave any Sat-Nav attachments visible; try to keep the inside of the windscreen clear of marks that are left once you detach the device.
Park in well-lit, well-populated locations.



Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times, if you see any of the following then contact the Police, Security Officers or the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321


• Unattended Packages
• A person showing erratic or nervous behaviour
• People wearing abnormally bulky clothing that may be used to conceal devices or objects
• Suspicious chemical smells or pungent odours
• Anyone tampering with CCTV cameras or taking a unusual interest in them.


If we are all slightly more vigilant then we will all be able to help each other to enjoy the holidays safely.