Chamberlains Security helps School in a Bag to get things moving







We are very proud this week to have been able to assist in getting things moving for the amazing School in a bag Initiative that is run by the Piers Simon Appeal.

Our donation contributed towards obtaining two vehicles for the charity which are much needed to help the School in a bag team attend presentations, events and meetings all over the country.

The charity which helps poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world is now in its tenth anniversary year, during which time it has raised over £1,000,000 and continues to rapidly expand.

In very basic terms the charity raises money to fund the resources needed to provide a child with an education, this is done by filling school bags with essential items and then distributing the bags all around the world.

We are not able to do justice to adequately explaining the difference that this charity is making in the lives of thousands of the worlds poorest and most vulnerable children. For further information please take the time to visit their website here and watch the video presentation and also read more about the work that they do.

We will add however that the charity is very child friendly, not only in the obvious work that they do but also in the respect that children in this country are able to relate to the simple cause that the charity promotes. Many schools are involved in raising money for the charity and the children are even able to pack the school bags that are going to be sent.

The charity has amazing transparency and should you decide to sponsor a bag then you are immediately assigned with a unique number that correlates to the number which is marked on a school bag. You are then able to use the website to track the bags progress and if you are very lucky you may even see a picture of the child that has eventually received the bag you have sponsored.

We wish School in a bag every success and we look forward to an on-going involvement with them.




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