Chamberlains Security Officers Receive Additional Training



Our continuing commitment to improving the training of our officers has been further established this week with several new officers passing their First Responder First Aid Qualifications.

We are working in conjunction with several of our clients to ensure that our security staff are fully up to date with the latest first aid techniques and practices through organisations such as The Red Cross and St John Ambulance.

Security officers are often the first person that will be approached for assistance and when you consider that we usually provide a 24/7 presence it makes perfect sense that these officers should be trained to offer care and assistance as first responders.

We are proud to report that the attendance and attitudes of our officers have been praised on several occasions by the course trainers. This is welcoming news as it shows officers are making the most of the chance to improve their own skills and qualifications rather than seeing the courses as an unnecessary chore. Whilst both clients and Chamberlains Security undoubtedly benefit from this additional training it is refreshing to listen to the comments of the officers who also benefit highly from the courses. Officer Chris Phillips for example stated that “not only does the training give me additional confidence at work; it is also something that can be used at home in the event of an emergency”

With accidents being something that are unfortunately a part of our lives, it is beneficial to ensure that as many people as possible receive some sort of First Aid Training; you never know when it will be needed.

For more information on training and courses available in your area please contact your local training provider and together we can try to make sure that next time there is an accident there is also someone that is trained and ready to offer assistance.


Supporting Ty Hafan on the Onesie Walk

Chamberlains Security Supporting Ty Hafan


Chamberlains Security was proud to support the wonderful Ty Hafan charity during their recent Onesie walk around Cardiff.

Friday 26th June saw hundreds of women all dressed in Onsies walk either a 5 or 10km route around the city of Cardiff. The event was supported by many groups of friends, colleagues and families, all of whom were raising money and awareness whilst also having fun and keeping fit.

The purpose of the event is to draw attention to the fact that many of the Mums whose children benefit from the care and facilities that Ty Hafan provide would never get a full night’s sleep if it were not for the charity’s support. By giving up a few hours’ sleep the female walkers are able to show empathy to these hardworking Mums.

Men are not entirely excluded from the event; there were plenty of volunteer marshals stationed around the routes and stadium giving support, encouragement and ultimately a sense of safety to the many walkers.

The role of the Chamberlains Security officers at the event was a mixture of mobile response and fixed position support, whilst the event passed without incident due to the excellent organisation by the Ty Hafan event team, we were on hand to rapidly respond to any incident that may have occurred during the course of the evening.

The start and finish point for this event is the Millennium Stadium and it was incredible to witness the party like atmosphere that was present at the location with Heart Radio presenters Jagger and Woody leading the entertainment. Other highlights were the Rock Choir and of course the very talented Jack Sparrow impersonator Geordie Depp.

Chamberlains Security are very proud of their relationship with the Ty Hafan charity and are proud to have supported and provided security for many previous events over the years including the midnight walks in Cardiff and Swansea. We are very much looking forward to the next one.

This event could not run without the amazing support of the volunteers who complete the multitude of tasks needed to organise an event of this scale, to get involved or for more information on both the event and this excellent charity please follow this link.